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Alumni Card
Record Enquiries
Graduation Enquiries
Overseas Students/Graduates Enquiries
Alumni Enquiries

Alumni CardAlumni Card

QUT Alumni need an alumni card to access certain benefits and services.

Alumni cards are sent out to graduates on request. If you are an alumnus and would like an Alumni card, or require a replacement card, please contact the alumni office by email: alumni@qut.edu.au or phone: +61 7 3138 4778.

Please be ready to provide your full name, date of birth, address and details of your QUT or Predecessor Institution Qualification for identification purposes.

What is an Academic Record

An official academic record is a complete listing of courses and units you have studied at QUT. There is a fee of $10.00 plus $1.50 for overseas airmail postage. If you have studied more than one course at QUT you can obtain a specified single course Academic Record that will list one course only. This record will bear an endorsement stating that this is not the student's full Academic Record.

Confirmation of Qualifications
Replacement and Substitute Award Certificates
Reissue of Award Certificates

Graduation Enquiries

Students who complete their course requirements are invited to participate in our graduation ceremonies which are held in February, April/May, and September/October each year.

Eligibility to Graduate
Graduation Timetable
Graduation FAQ's (including information about Academic Regalia)

Overseas Students/Graduate Enquiries

Overseas prospective students or post graduate students inquiring about QUT's courses.

Alumni Enquiries

Library benefits
QUT graduates and alumni are invited to rejoin the library after graduation for a discounted membership fee.
Please note that alumni library membership does not include electronic access.

Internet Access
Unfortunately QUT is not able to provide internet access to its Alumni

Thinking of Organising a Reunion for your class/year/discipline area/special interest group?

Finding Friends
Lost contact with a friend from University? Due to Australian Privacy Laws, the Alumni Office is unable to provide you with the contact details of your friend. However, fill in our online finding friends form and where possible the Alumni Office will onforward your message to your friend asking him/her to contact you.