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Golden Graduates Morning Tea

CoFSQUT 2010

20 Year Club / Community of Former Staff Dinner, September 2010


BEEDS Alumni Group Oct 2009

Hong Kong Mid-Autumn Party October 2009

CoFSQUT November 2009

20 Year Club Dinner, September 2009

BEEDS Alumni Group Apr 2009

Bangkok, Thailand March 2009

Jakarta, Indonesia February 2009


QUTYA Leadership Forum Nov 2008

20 Year Club Dinner November 2008

Golden Graduate November 2008

Hong Kong Alumni Dinner October 2008

Taiwan Alumni Dinner October 2008

Kedron Park Teachers College 1971-1973


Hong Kong Alumni Dinner Nov 2006

Taipei, Taiwan Alumni Dinner Nov 2006

Community of Former Staff October 2006


Community of Former Staff Early Christmas Lunch Nov 2005

Community of Former Staff July 2005

1945 Queensland Teachers Training College - 50th Anniversary Reunion

Community of Former Staff Event April 2005

Indonesia March 2005